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Kelly Priest

Social Learning Specialist

I am a unique type of helping professional.
I'm not a behaviorist, speech therapist, or psychotherapist who also does social skills. I'm not a classroom teacher who includes SEL curriculum in her classroom. I've learned from all of the above, but...

I am first and foremost a social learning specialist.

About Me

My 20+ years of relevant experience includes my work as a school counselor and director of SEL (social emotional learning) curriculum, a founder of one of the largest Social Thinking® practices in Southern California, and a clinician in a family violence intervention clinic.

I am a member of Park Century School's Professional Advisory Board, and served for several years as a member of Culver City Unified School District's Task Force for Equity & Inclusion, as well as Wildwood School’s Parent Multicultural Committee.

I have a master's degree in clinical psychology from Alabama A&M University. For the past 20 years I have lived in Los Angeles, where my husband and I have enjoyed raising our two children -- one of whom needed social learning support -- which thankfully led me to this work.

About Anchor


The joy in my work comes from understanding and appreciating my clients exactly as they are, and helping them adapt to the social world in ways that feel sensible and manageable to them.

I teach and support a wide range of struggling social learners, from about age 7 to adult. I also coach and educate families, caregivers, teachers, and other school personnel on healthy and adaptive approaches to supporting the social learning of neurodivergent people.

Individual Social Learning Support
Individualized social learning support for children, teens, and adults.
Parent Coaching - Individual or Group
Parent coaching in healthy, effective ways of supporting social learning in neurodivergent children and teens, or struggling social learners without a formal diagnosis. Individual and/or group.
Social Learning Clubs
Small, well-matched social learning groups that meet weekly to solve real-world social problems using knowledge of hidden social rules, the friendship pyramid, healthy boundaries, self-regulation, flexible thinking, perspective taking, and effective social communication. Also, games, cat videos, Mad Libs, and real talk.
Autism Affinity Group / Book Club
Affinity group for older elementary and young middle school students with an autism spectrum diagnosis. Group member-driven autism identity affirmation in a book club format, with adult facilitation and support.
Professional Development - School Personnel
Interactive professional development presentations for faculty, after-school staff, or administrators. Individual teacher support and consultation. Classroom-based lessons on specific, pivotal SEL topics such as self-regulation, perspective taking, and social problem solving.

Contact Me

Since March of 2020, my services have been conducted online. 

For my clients, this means that I'm wherever they are. Including on and under trampolines, in cars and RVs, in kids' rooms and kitchens, and a tent pitched on a porch.

Most of my students seem to enjoy the fact that travel and transitions involved in visiting my office are eliminated, the intensity of meeting face-to-face is reduced, and it is easier for them to focus in a comfortable and familiar environment.

Thank you... Please allow a few days, and I will be in touch!

To inquire about working with me, please contact me below.

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